Wednesday, May 6, 2009

We spent the last week-end in Corona California and headed to Texas on Monday. Pearl is taking this picture of me, our son Steven, his wife Marlo (Jinxi Boo), and their three kids Brynn and the twins Adain and Shea. We had a great time in southern California with them and since the parents are Vegans (don't eat anything that comes from animals) and the kids are vegetarians I had decided to take them out to dinner at a Vegan restaurant. Luckily they said they would/could go to a regular restaurant and just order food specially prepared. I didn't argue and didn't even tell them that I had decided to try it because I think I would have had a hard time eating fake food (just kidding Jinxi)....

I didn't take time to set up the office furniture going through Arizona and New Mexico, so as a result, I still have it all (at least the 3 remaining chairs). Things have been going fairly smoothly and we are averaging 6.9 miles per gallon of fuel and that's pretty good. We made the trip fairly quickly with a quick nap in a casino parking lot out of Albuquerque and have been in Texas since Tuesday at noon.

This is Pearl driving on I-40 past an Indian Curio Shop in Arizona

This is Pearl and My Dad who along with my Mom completely converted the Greyhound Buy into a Motorhome called "COZY"

We are going to stop by Snyder Texas tomorrow (Thursday) evening to visit my sister and heading to New Orleans for 3 days.

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  1. We'll be waiting on you! Looking forward to visiting with you and Pearl!