Thursday, May 14, 2009

We spent the day (Wednesday) with Steve Haley and his daughter (Chanda), her husband (David) and Steve's two grandkids Haley Ann and Aiden.

Steve didn't have a chance to prepare lunch before we arrived so we ended up with Wendy's Hamburgers and Chili for lunch.

David is in charge of the Montgomery Police Swat Department (2nd in charge really). He is a real cool dude and has lots of stories to share but when he is off duty he is a regular type guy. He is in charge of the State Police Self Defence training and you can tell just by visiting with him he can get real serious when needed.

David bar-b-qed the steaks, Steve made the salad and Chelsey prepared the corn on the cob. Pearl and I just got to watch and visit. Steve even said he baked a home made Apple Pie but rumor has it it came for wal-mart. No matter it was great.

Chanda is a Probation Officer and she had several good stories of her own that she shared. They are a great couple and Steve lives with them and baby sits his two grandkids while they are away at work.

Steve is an awsome grandad and you can tell he really loves those kids and waits on them hand and foot all day long.

As always, the kids all loved hanging out with Pearl.

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