Wednesday, May 13, 2009

We made it to Montgomery last night, it has looked like rain since we have been here but not much has actually fallen.

Apparently they had a big flood last week that caused quite a bit of damage but we are hopefully inbetween storms.

We will be parking Cozy at his house tonight (if he has room?) and heading out for DC tomorrow (Thursday).

If it dosen't rain tonight, I think we are instore for a bar-b-q and a little cold beer.

We will post more pictures tonight or in the morning.


  1. Hey Bob & Pearl,

    I just today noticed the slideshow with your 210 pictures. I really enjoyed seeing more family pics along with addition scenery and interesting sites you have seen along the way! Thanks for sharing those too. (The cat's bed in the front window is really a nice traveling spot for her!)

  2. Nothing beats good Southern Barbecue except maybe Mexican food made in New Mexico.I hope you get a good meal.

  3. thanks Tonya for mentioning the slide show of all the pictures...that was fun. It sure looks like you guys are having a good time. Maybe all except when you fill up with gas. LOL