Monday, May 11, 2009

We arrived in New Orleans Sunday afternoon. This is one of my most anticipated destinations and we are looking forward to experiencing some good Cajun style food. We went to the French Quarter Sunday Night and had a great meal that started with some "Mud Bugs" as they call them here. We call them Crawdads in Nevada.

We tried to find a bar with some Jazz music but it was 5:00pm and that is a little early for these guys to get up and unfortunately we were too tired to wait around until the sun set and the action started. Here is Pearl at the House of Blues

One of the reason we were so tired is, when we hit the road we stay on the road. Here is a quick video of how we swap drivers going down the road. We don't have cruise control so once the driver gets up the bus starts slowing down so we start at 65 mph and are only going about 40 by the time the new driver is sit down and stepped on the accelerator. It saves quite a bit of time and fuel though.

We usually drive about 2 hours between "Hot Swaps"


  1. I've enjoyed keeping up with your trip, thanks for sharing the stories. By the way, nice video - I'm recently heard a story about a guy who... nevermind, you know the story. :)

    Laura (of the Canada Clan)

  2. Yep, that's my brother. Pearl agreeing to switch like this does surprise me a little. Drive on, have fun and keep posting!