Tuesday, May 19, 2009

We changed our route today so we could hook up with Robert Caddel (Steve's son) in Indianapolis Indiana.

We met at "Live Casino" an Indian casino on the east side of town. Fortunately they had been using a temporary building for their casino and just moved into their new casino last month. This left a large parking lot we used to park COZY and spend the night.

We then went across the street to the casino and ate some Ribs and drank a couple of beers, talking about old times and how things are going for Robert here in Indianapolis.
Robert works for a company that sends him around the area doing non destructive testing on different metals. He is buying his first home and it is about a month from being finished and him moving in. It is a really nice home, with 3 bedrooms and a lake outside his backdoor.
Robert says he will only be here a couple of years but buying a house starts those roots to growing and I would imagine he will meet that special someone in the not too distant future and he will be locked in.
No matter how things end up for Robert, he certainly seems to have things under control in his life and is doing very well and as always is very happy with his situation.
It certainly was fun to visit with him and get caught up on how his life is progressing here in Indianapolis.


  1. I'm so glad you and Rob made contact and ya'll got to visit in Indiana! I really enjoyed seeing him in today's pictures! (Hi Rob!)

  2. That's another good face to see! Glad to hear Rob is doing so well.