Thursday, May 7, 2009

Mom & Dad's House in Plainview. This is where they did
the entire conversion from a Greyhound bus to a Motorhome.

We left Plainview Texas this afternoon and headed to Snyder Texas to visit my sister (Tonya)and her husband (Britt). Britt is an administrator at West Texas College and they have a RV parking with full hook-ups at the College that he got us for Free (I forgot to say Thanks though).

Anyway on the way to Snyder the outside air temperature went over 100 up to 104 I think. The bus engine heated up to past the red line (200 degrees) on the temp gauge. Luckily my dad had installed "Misters" on the radiators, which is basically a small garden watering misting type fitting that is hooked into the RV drinking water (100 gallons of water stored there). We turned the misters on and it brought the temp down about 10 degrees so it was below the red line and we continued on. I think the outside air temp is supposed to stay up in the triple digits for the next few days, so we will have to watch that closely because that is what causes head gaskets to blow and your potentially looking at a new engine or in our case a airplane ticket back home. I think the misters will do the trick as long as we don't hit too many long uphill stretches and New Orleans is down hill from here.....

Pearl showing Tonya some of the changes she has made to Cozy..

Not only did we get a free RV site with hook-ups, we got a free dinner (Thanks Again). I must have been a good brother no matter what Steve says........

My brother-in-law "Britt" with 3 (Hanna, Emily, Nathan) of his 4 grandkids (not present Ashlyn). He took us out to dinner then took his grand kids home and let Tonya, Pearl and I go talk about solving the mysteries of the universe. The real reason he did all that was there is apparently nothing he would rather do than hang out with his grandkids and I think they apparently feel the same.
I have to admit that is one of my favorite pastimes too, Pearl and I have 14 grandkids so we can keep pretty busy with all that.


  1. Oh my gosh, this is so cool!!! A whole month of tavels! AND, way cool that you are keeping us posted of what all you do and see! Cozy looks great! I look forward to checking and "taveling with you"!
    Love, your cousin, Shaila

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  3. Hmmm you forgot to mention the three GREAT grandkids you have too great grandpa !!!