Saturday, May 2, 2009

I am in the dog house now. I was feeling like a smart ass and put one of the chairs out in front of the bus and was checking email this morning and pearl took a picture. It is posted in the last entry. Well when I was finished with the email I got up and went in to make a entry into the blog and we took off for Corona CA to visit some of our grandkids.

We are about 100 miles down the road and I asked Pearl if she put the chair up because I didn't remember putting it up. She said "No" and asked why would I ask. I told her I couldn't remember putting it up. Well I can only make that mistake 3 more times and I will be out of office furniture.

I plan to update my Pre-Departure checklist.

1 comment:

  1. The chair looks like it was in front of Cozy. Does that mean you "ran over it" as you pulled away? I have a feeling you will learn lots of new things during this trip! Thanks for sharing! I am smiling as I read! Glad all is going well so far! Please tell Steve & family "hi" from Aunt Tonnie!