Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Here is a picture of the Church Lance Preaches at. He has really made some big changes and his congregation has grown substantially.

He now has services on Saturday night, Sunday morning and Sunday evenings.

We parked COZY in the parking lot in the back of the church and headed over to Lances to visit.

After dinner we all headed to the local ice cream parlor for some delecious ice crea.

The kids all spend lots of hours on the trampoline. They even got Pearl and I on it. It was much harder than I remember from my childhood days.

Joey was a little dissapointed when he saw all the Tator Tots were gone.

The kids all wanted to see COZY so we stopped by the church after Ice Cream.

The living room in COZY wasn't exactly designed for 9 people.

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