Thursday, April 9, 2009

Preparing for the Trip

We have decided to take a month off from work and take our recently purchased MCI-7 bus conversion on a cross country trip. We will depart May 1, 2009 and head from home in Reno Nevada to our sons home in Corona California.

From there we head to Texas to visit my parents. They are the ones that actually converted the bus from a Greyhound bus into this motorhome (see picture above). My sister and two brothers are still living in Texas and we will visit with them while there. After a couple days of relaxation in Texas we head out to Montgomery Alabama to spend a day with a old buddy of mine from the 1960's Steve Haley.

We will then head to Washington DC to visit the Smithonian and plan to take a couple of days to wander around our Nations Capitol before heading west to Yellowstone National Park.

Once we recover from that leg of the trip we plan to go to one of our other son's home in Longview Washington for a couple days visit and finaly head back to Reno by the end of May.

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Here is our preliminary itinerary:

Click on the imate to make it bigger and readable


  1. I'm so glad you set this up. I look forward to following your USA trip through this blog!

  2. What a great trip, you guys are nuts. You know we have airplanes for a reason, haha. Just kidding. I guess seeing it from 30k feet is not as much fun as seeing out the bus window as your drive by. It will be a great adventure.