Friday, April 17, 2009

I received a request from "Bus Conversion Magazine" today asking me to write a story about purchasing our Bus from my folks as they aged and couldn't drive her any longer. I wrote it up as best I could and sent it in and they liked it and said they will use it either in May or June of this year.

Here is the email I received back from the magazine after I submitted our story:

The pictures look great and I especially love the picture in which you change ownership. You can see the relief and pride in your father's face. The pictures you sent will be fine.
I may need to push you to the June issue, but yours is a story worth sharing and your effort to get me copy and pix so quickly will not be forgotten.
I have given you a one year subscription to our Emag. You will receive a .pdf of the magazine each month. Additionally, when we run your story, I will send you 6 free print copies on the house so you can brag to your friends.
Again, thank you so much for sharing...of your time and your story.
I'll keep you posted.


  1. I love this story. I don't remember the early camping trips of cots outside like you do because I was just a preschooler but I do have many memories of camping in the VW pop-up camper(and tent camping before that)

    I am so excited about your story and magazine article. Yes, you do have a GREAT story to tell and I think all the readers will enjoy it too!

    See ya soon!

  2. Bob...Tonnie sent me your blog and it was so fun to read. I knew that you had bought the bus but didn't realize or appreciate all the "smarts" needed to drive that bus. Do you remember the motor home that James/Shari, Mom/Dad, Bud and I had back in the 70ties? Probably not. But, Daddy backed that motor home into a lake... He was trying to put the boat in the water and He finally got it stopped but had to swim out. That was the end of our experience. Bud always say you can buy a lot of motels for the cost of a trailer or motor home but you just don't get the same thing. Enjoyed your letter and article and I hope your trip will include us as you travel through Texas. It would be so fun to see you, Pearl and the bus. Love, Aunt Wilma